Indulgence Beauty Spa

Indulgence Beauty Spa

Mandy Edwards (Deep Tissue Specialist) - next clinic at Indulgence - Monday, 18th June. Book now!

Mandy has been a Therapist for over seven years and specialises in Remedial Sports/Deep Tissue Massage as well as Reflexology, and will be available for Monday bookings at Indulgence.

Mandy's Blog:

I have a keen in interest in the Music, TV and Theatre Industry and have been able to combine my passions seamlessly, by offering massage to those industries.  I have worked backstage on many high profile concerts. Past clients have included Justin Bieber, Jack Black (the Actor), Josh Groban (for the Classical Enthusiasts), Guns n Roses, Depeche Mode, OMD and Journey (for the older of us).

I have, in the past, secured contracts with the BBC and ITV and regularly massaged the Coronation Street Cast and Crew at the Studios, as well as providing daily massages to the Puppeteers of the Sesame Workshop/ Cbeebies show ‘The Furchester Hotel.’ 

A highlight of my career so far, was to tour with Riverdance, helping the Dancers to prepare for the show by keeping their muscles nice and supple, to prevent injuries. Luckily no one got hurt on my watch!

My hobbies include working as an Extra for TV/Film which has brought me appearances on Downton Abbey and working on a scene with Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins (set in 1940’s New York. Filmed in Liverpool). I am also a keen Writer and write blogs for other Therapists, and I am also in the midst of writing a book.

The treatments I will be offering at my Monday clinics at Indulgence will be as follows:

Deep Tissue Massage (30mins) £32

Deep Tissue Massage (1hr) £55

Reflexology (1hr) £50

Indian Head Massage (45mins) £39

 Indulgence Note: All payments for treatments with Mandy will be cash only and made direct to Mandy herself, thank you.