Indulgence Beauty Spa

Indulgence Beauty Spa

We are seeking our clients' valuable assistance!

We would like to invite you to help us in selecting a new and appropriate name for this treatment.

Those of you who are familiar with our treatments at Indulgence will be aware
that we have a 90minute treatment, the Indulgence Massage, which consists of a
Full Body Massage followed by a Face and Scalp Massage. So, we are
looking for an appropriate and luxurious name to give to this treatment.
We invite you to send your ideas in either by email, social media messages or
fill in a slip at the reception desk. All of your valued ideas will be
viewed on 31st January by the Indulgence Team, following which we will
hopefully be able to select the winning treatment name.

Finally, the best part - the lucky winner whose treatment name is chosen, will receive this
treatment complimentary. So, we welcome all your ideas and look forward
to receiving them in due course, before 31st January 2019.