Indulgence Beauty Spa

Indulgence Beauty Spa


Here at Indulgence we believe you deserve the best. We are passionate about the care we give and the results we can achieve. Join our friendly and professional therapists in beautiful surroundings. Whatever you require we are here for you.

Upon entering the Salon, you will be surrounded by an aura of calm relaxation, which will stay with you throughout your treatment - right until you leave.

By using a neutral palette of colour in the Salon, along with soft lighting and gentle music, we hope to make your treatment with us truly a time of 'INDULGENCE'. After your treatment, you can spend time in our "Relax Room", whilst enjoying a leisurely drink - as you prepare to rejoin the pace of daily life outside. We also have a Double Treatment Room available, should you wish to have your relaxing treatment alongside your friend or partner perhaps.

Your Indulgence Team

Your beauty needs and comfort are our number one concern. Whether you require a fifteen minute appointment, or one of our day long packages - we offer a range of treatments to suit every clients' needs. We look forward to welcoming you to the INDULGENCE experience!


Mandy | Indulgence Beauty Spa

Mandy is the Proprietor, and a qualified therapist. Mandy has over twenty four years of experience in the field of beauty therapy - this experience has allowed her to perfect what she feels to be an ideal balance of treatments and products at Indulgence.

Mandy is currently working Tuesday-Friday in addition to managing the day-to-day demands of this busy and popular Beauty Salon.


Lindsay | Indulgence Beauty Spa

Lindsay has a wealth of beauty experience behind her and has worked overseas also.

Lindsay specialises in the LVL eyelash treatments and has a passion for all types of body massage and specialist facials, including the CACI facials, offered at Indulgence. Lindsay is proud to be an Ambassador for Decleor Training at Indulgence.

Lindsay works Tuesday-Friday including two late nights and one Saturday per month.


Ceri | Indulgence Beauty Spa

Ceri has worked in the beauty industry for 3 years now, after completing her two year qualification at Llandrillo College, Ceri has been self-employed carrying out a range of beauty treatments.

Ceri’s thoughts… “My favourite treatment is a body massage, we all have busy and stressful lives and find it hard to switch off, and nothing is better to do that than a relaxing massage! I also love facial treatments as I love to see my clients’ results. I am looking forward to meeting new clients and getting to know more about their skincare needs and gaining more knowledge”!

Ceri will be working Thursdays-Saturdays including the late night Thursdays until 7pm.


Jules | Indulgence Beauty Spa

Jules is our full-time Receptionist and joined us over six years ago now from an administration background and has immersed herself into the world of beauty and all things Indulgence.

Jules' role is to make your visit to Indulgence as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, and to provide you with any additional assistance you may require with regard to appointments, products or advice.

Jules works Tuesdays-Fridays.


Eirian | Indulgence Beauty Spa

We are delighted to welcome Eirian Harrison to Indulgence with effect from Tuesday, 31st October, 2017. Eirian will be holding monthly Tuesday clinics at Indulgence specialising in Acupuncture, Reiki and Tui Na Deep Tissue Chinese Massage. If you would like to book in with Eirian for any of her treatments, then we would be delighted to help.


Acupuncture is an oriental treatment that originates from China and is widely used throughout the Eastern world. In China it forms part of a holistic approach to health known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), that also encompasses Tui Na massage, Chinese Herbs and physical movement in the form of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Traditional acupuncture is based on the belief that energy, Qi, or life force energy flows around the body via channels called meridians. Fine needles are inserted into specified acupuncture points for therapeutic or preventative purposes. Once the needles are in place, they can be left there for a length of time from some minutes or up to 30 minutes.

Acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of health conditions such as

· Chronic pain

· Joint pain

· Back pain

· Musculo-Skeletal problems

· Arthritis

· Digestive disorders

During a treatment you will usually be asked to lie or sit down. You may also be asked to remove some clothes so that I can access certain parts of your body. I will place my hand on your abdomen as well as take your pulses, located on your wrists.

Treatments last 60 minutes. The first treatment allows an additional 15 minutes for a consultation.

I am trained in both Chinese and Japanese styles of acupuncture and have visited both China and Japan for training.


Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a hands on natural healing system originating from Japan. Reiki means “universal life force energy”, the vital energy that surrounds and exists within all living things.

The method of receiving a Reiki treatment from a practitioner is a very simple process. The recipient lies on the couch and relaxes. If you are unable to lie down, the treatment can be given in a seated position.

There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki will pass through anything, even plaster casts. The practitioner gently places their hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body. The whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms.

Reiki can benefit a range of conditions, and heals on a variety of levels, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Acute injuries can take less time to heal and more chronic illness usually takes longer.

The practitioner is the channel which Reiki energy is drawn through by the need of the imbalance in the recipient. Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

A full treatment lasts 60 minutes.

Tui Na

Tui Na is a deep tissue Chinese massage, performed through light clothing, and is one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) along with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and the movement therapies of Tai Chi and Qigong, and is used in many hospitals in China today. It uses the same acupuncture points and meridians as in acupuncture, and consists of an array of techniques, such as rolling and kneading, which is used to release tension/spasm in the muscles and blockages of Qi (energy) in the channels. Tui Na works to restore the balance of qi through pressure on certain acupressure points in the body’s meridian system, to stimulate the body’s own healing process.

Tui Na can help with many conditions, acute or chronic

· Headaches, migraines

· Insomnia

· Shoulder pain, neck pain and stiffness

· Back pain, sciatica

· Rheumatism, arthritis

· Repetitive strain injury

· Sprains and Bruises

· Fatique and stress

· Digestive disorders

· Muscle relaxtion

A treatment lasts 60 minutes, with a first appointment requiring an additional 15 minute consultation prior to treatment.