Indulgence Beauty Spa

Indulgence Beauty Spa

What are HD Brows?

High Definition Brows differ to many other treatments as we don’t believe in a one shape fits all ethos. Brows are as individual as fingerprints and so each step of the HD Brows treatment is completely bespoke from the personal consultation, shape design, tailoring and aftercare process.

Q) What are HD Brows?

A) HD Brows uses various hair removal techniques to create your desired brow shape.

Q) Is HDBrows semi-permanent?

A) This treatment is not classed as semi-permanent however we do use permanent tint. The lasting effects of this depend on the skin type, hair growth and skincare routine. Typically, this treatment will last around 4-6 weeks.

Q) I have sparse brows, can I still get HDBrows?

A) Our therapist works on a regrowth programme with you to achieve the perfect brow shape. In the meantime you can fake it with make-up application.

Q) How long do HD Brows last?

A) This is very much dependent upon your hair growth. Your therapist will be able to guide you after the first couple of treatments, as to how often you should have them done.