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Indulgence Beauty Spa


1. Indulgence Beauty Spa

Salon review: The management and team have undertaken a thorough review of our Salon, together with our treatments.

Reception layout: We have re-arranged the reception/entrance area in order to comply with social distancing measures. ·

Cleaning Procedure: All treatment surfaces, as well as other surface areas throughout the Spa will be regularly cleansed throughout the day, as well as therapists cleaning and sanitising their own treatment rooms, including all items of equipment before and after each treatment.

PPE: PPE will be worn at all times by all staff, including disposable gloves, aprons, masks, visors and protective eyewear, disposable items of which will be replaced after each client.

Masks: a mask must be worn by everyone entering the Salon. Clients are welcome to bring their own, or a face covering of some sort, or we have masks available to purchase at £1 each.

Protective Screens: Manicure Rooms have had protective screens added to the workstations.

Relaxation Room: The Relax Room will not be available for use at this time.

2. The Indulgence Team

Social distancing: All members of the team will be following social distancing measures during break times in separate staff areas.

Ill health: All staff members have been advised ‘not’ to attend the Salon if they have a temperature, or are feeling unwell with any of the Covid-19 symptoms. In the same way, if any of our staff’s household members are self isolating then staff will not be in attendance at the Salon until safe to do so.

Temperature checks: All staff will take their temperatures upon arrival at the Salon, at lunch time, and at the end of the day.

3. Indulgence Spa’s Treatments and Services

Treatment safety: Your wellbeing has always been at the heart of everything we do at Indulgence, therefore, some of the treatments and packages we currently offer may not be available for a period of time upon re-opening. We can confirm that the vast majority of beauty treatments will be available to book, however, we hope to have definitive advice shortly with regard to which treatments we may be unable to offer in the short term.

Late arrivals: Please be aware that if a client should arrive late for their appointment, we will not be able to complete the full treatment, and will only be able to undertake as much as possible in the allocated time remaining. We will not be able to overrun on to following appointments in order to accommodate late arrivals.

Appointment add-ons: Please be aware that your therapist will ‘only’ be undertaking the booked in treatments for the appointment on the day, and changes or add-ons to treatments cannot be accommodated – we will have allocated specific rooms and timings in order to maximise social distancing of clients and allow for additional cleaning/sanitization in between clients.

Gift vouchers: Vouchers will only be available to purchase electronically for the time being.

Consent Forms: Clients will be emailed a consent form upon booking of appointment(s), where possible, in order to complete and return via email. All clients must sign a consent form before treatment can be undertaken.

Consultations: In-salon consultations will take place in treatment rooms with therapists wearing PPE.

4. Arrivals/Departures and Reception

No walk-ins: We will be working on an ‘appointment only’ basis, which means NO walk-ins without prior appointments. Please message or telephone to make appointments.

Reception: There will be a protective screen in place on the reception desk for added safety, and the Salon will be kept locked in between arrivals to ensure no walk-ins and in order to keep social distancing to a maximum.

Greetings: We will be unable to offer handshakes or embraces at this difficult time, therefore, please do not be offended.

Arrival times: We ask clients to arrive at Reception at the appointed time, ‘no earlier’. We do not wish for client’s appointments to overlap in the reception area, and as additional time will be allocated in between client appointments for cleaning and sanitising, therapists will not be ready prior to your allocated appointment time.

Client temperature checks: Clients will be asked for permission to take their temperature prior to their treatment(s) being commenced.

Payments: No cash payments will be accepted for the time being. Card payments or bank transfers will be accepted. Where possible, contactless payments are preferred, however, if contactless is not permitted, then we will take your card details verbally as we would if you had telephoned to pay over the phone. Alternatively, you are welcome to ring prior to your appointment and pay over the telephone if you prefer.

Refreshments/Magazines: We will not be offering drinks or magazines for the present time, therefore, please feel free to bring along your own refreshment and reading material if you wish. Alternatively, our free Wi-Fi is always available.

5. What we require of our lovely clients

Patch testing: We will require clients to re-take patch tests prior to any tinting or lash treatments.

Ill health: Please only attend the Salon if you are healthy. If you feel unwell in any way, we would ask you to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Covid-19 symptoms: If anyone from your household has any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible and reschedule your appointment for 14 days later.

Lone attendance: politely ask clients to attend their appointments alone, and not to bring anyone with them (no friends, family or children allowed).

Personal belongings: We politely ask that you attend the Salon with limited personal belongings and keep them with you at all times.

Face masks: Clients will be asked to wear a face mask during some treatments. We will ask you to provide your own, or alternatively, a disposable one can be purchased from us on the day (refusal to wear a mask, sadly will result in treatments being rescheduled or cancelled).

Please do not touch: We politely ask clients to refrain from touching any of the retail stock. Please ask if you wish to purchase any items.

Signage: We will have social distancing signs in place, which will guide you with where to stand when attending the reception desk, and politely ask that clients refrain from using the area to the side/rear of the reception desk. You will also note that we will have removed all additional seating in reception, keeping one chair present in order to maximise social distancing measures.

PPE charge: At the present time, we are having to charge each client a temporary Covid charge of £5 on each bill. This is for the Salon to be able to partially re-open with the additional safety measures which are required to be in place, that is, operating at an under capacity due to social distancing measures, treatment restrictions as well as the additional PPE which is required - this temporary charge will help to absorb some of the additional costs which are necessary at present in order to open - we thank you for your support at this time.

“We take the Covid-19 situation extremely seriously, and in an effort to re-open the Indulgence Beauty Spa to our clients, the safety of both clients and staff alike is of utmost priority. We pride ourselves on our hygiene and safety standards prior to this outbreak, however, these are just a few more measures which we have to put in place in order to be permitted to re-open again and keep everyone safe. We trust you will understand and help us all to comply with Government and Local Authority advice. Thank you for your compliance and understanding at this challenging time”.

The Indulgence Team x