Indulgence Beauty Spa

Indulgence Beauty Spa

Introducing the Silent Treatment...

Here at Indulgence, we are only too well aware that many of us have suffered with our mental health and wellbeing during these extremely difficult months over the course of the last year, since the beginning of the Covid Pandemic and so we feel proud to say that we can offer you - The Silent Treatment.

We are aware that some of us would prefer to visit a Salon during its quieter times and this is absolutely fine - just feel free to request this when you book, as Tuesdays and Saturdays are our quieter days.

The Silent Treatment is a way of placing you in control, so that if it is simply just a case that you wish to have more time to yourself without the added pressure of having to make polite conversation, then this is all achievable at Indulgence.

When you telephone or email the Salon to book your appointment, all you have to do is request your treatment booking as a silent booking, and we will take care of the rest. If you are booking in for a facial for example, which requires a consultation beforehand, or for your nails to be done, then the therapist will carry out a brief consultation to gather your main skin concerns or to enquire how you like the shape of your nails, and then you will not have to engage in any further conversation, except for when the Therapist lets you know your treatment is finished and to direct you towards the reception desk.

No-one else will approach you so there will be no judgement, worries or pressure from anyone as everyone will respect your wishes.

We wish to prevent clients from feeling embarrassed about their individual needs, as an aversion to small talk is just a valid a need as any and at Indulgence we appreciate this. We understand that people lead busy lives where they may have been communicating with people all day and want some relief.

So if you know anyone who would love to visit a Beauty Salon, but has just been putting it off for any of the above reasons, then please feel free to share with them that Indulgence offers The Silent Treatment.

Thank you.

The Indulgence Team xx