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Indulgence Beauty Spa

Dermaquest Skin Treatments

The DermaQuest skin journey starts by restoring and balancing all skin. The integrity of skin is fundamental to all medical skin care programs. Therefore, DermaQuest will commence an “essential skin health” program for all. Once your skin is in balance, then the pathway into more active ingredients can begin. Using DermaQuest products, we address all skin conditions and achieve results through our advanced treatment resurfacers. The rewards of healthy, transformed and nourished skin are not only attainable, they are sustainable. The Dermaquest philosophy delivers stunning, long-term results. They are the brand you’ll want to age with.

Please Note: All of our Resurfacer Treatments will require a full consultation together with a patch test at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. It is also essential that before any Resurfacer Treatments, clients must have adhered to a skin preparation regime for a minimum of two weeks prior, to bring your skin to its fullest potential; failure to do this will mean that we will not be able to carry out the Resurfacer.

Essential balance classic facial £50.00

A brilliant introduction to Dermaquest products, this revitalizing treatment promotes healthy, balanced skin. Restore your skin’s valor by repairing compromised barriers and reinforcing your natural vitality. A great way to stay soft and lusciously hydrated.

Essential balance resurfacer £65.00

Provides homeostasis in the skin with this beautiful treatment which helps to repair compromised barriers as it restores vitality and proper hydration levels.

Dermaclear classic facial £50.00

Take your first step towards a fresh and unblemished complexion. Undermine acne-causing bacteria, effectively treat blackheads and promote clearer, more even-textured skin with this potent Beta Hydroxy treatment.

Dermaclear resurfacer £65.00

Control and relieve congestion and inflammation with our salicylic acid Resurfacer, which effectively exfoliates the skin helping you quell future acne concerns and calm irritation for a fresh and pacified complexion. Excellent for grade 2 acne.

Peptide vitality classic facial £50.00

This treatment uses peptides to combat budding concerns related to ageing by relaxing the skin appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while plumping and firming skin. Ideal for clients beginning to show the early signs of ageing skin.

Peptide vitality resurfacer £65.00

A remarkable age management treatment crafted to expose vivacious skin. Formulated with peptides, 20% Glycolic acid and 20% lactic acid, it works to help accelerate the shredding of dead skin cells associated with sluggish cell turnover. The perfect remedy for clients that desire an instant skin lift.

Vitamin infusion classic facial £50.00

A lavishly nurturing and complex combination of vitamins crafted to target skin that is beginning to show the signs of ageing. Perfect for young adult clients who are interested in taking preventative measures against the early stages of ageing skin.

Vitamin infusion resurfacer £65.00

An advanced resurfacing treatment using Pumpkin Pulp which is excellent for age management. Addresses the early signs of ageing while providing an intensive level of exfoliation and resurfacing. Perfect for clients who are starting to see signs of both internal and environmental ageing.

Skin brite classic facial £50.00

A dazzling, brightening treatment using alpha Hydroxy acids, Pumpkin extract and Botanical skin Brighteners. Perfect for combating concerns with mild skin discolouration and dark spots. A great way to begin manifesting your skin’s inner brilliance.

Skit brite resurfacer £65.00

Created for skin that is experiencing moderate levels of pigmentation, this resurfacing treatment effectively lifts pesky dark spots and evens skin tone. Relish in the brightening, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory benefits of Mango Pulp and Orange stem Cells as hydrating lactic acid gently moisturises and plumps your skin.

Sweet Chill resurfacer £65.00

Freeze time with this incredibly rich plant stem cell treatment. Ideal for those skin types in need of a recharge to re-energise skin and awaken tired skin cells. Dermaquest's advanced Stem Cell 3D masque will chill and fresh, whilst deeply nourishing your dull looking skin. No prep required.